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Added: 4/18/2021

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Thrive is designed to help you experience Christ-centered change where you feel stuck or broken. What specifically are you currently struggling with? Identify the hardships, trials, anxieties, frustrations, lusts, discouragements, and conflict that trouble you are the present time.
The effectiveness of this program requires you to share openly and vulnerably with people you do not know well yet.
Thrive Groups meet for 14 weeks during the semester on Thursdays evenings from 6:30 pm- 8:15 pm.
Note: We are considering having a daytime group this spring,
Childcare for up to age 10-11/or 4th grade is generally available for Thrive Groups meeting in person on Thursdays evenings from 6:30 pm- 8:15 pm – when a reservation is made in advance of the semester.
You will meet with a Mentor every week for 1-2 hours for 14 weeks during the Thrive semester. This meeting time is generally set in your first meeting with your mentor.
Do you already have a mentor in your life who would be willing to walk alongside you during the Thrive process? If so, please list their name, email, and phone number.
If you will need our assistance to be placed with a Christ Chapel Soul Care mentor,
I have reviewed the Thrive expectations (please check each below):