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FW Beckett Our home group (newly formed in 2024) is facilitated by a mix of senior Bible-studying couples seeking new members, including singles and couples. Empty nesters would be a natural fit, but all are welcome. We follow the discussion questions on the back of Sunday’s sermon notes with open discussion, and examine how we can apply the sermon notes to our daily lives. We are a supporting group of friends who lift each other up in prayer. Coffee, tea and dinner are served before our study. The meeting wraps up by around 7:30 p.m. Our home is located down a quiet country road close to Azle (about 30 mins from the Fort Worth campus), convenient to members of Weatherford and West campus. We will meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Wednesday at 5:30 PM 10 67 Fort Worth Campus 60+
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FW Bosson - Online Online only through Videoconference Our group includes women and men in Life Stages 5 and 6, some with children, grandchildren, and a few with great-grandchildren. We would all gain from younger members and have been so blessed in the past. Some members work, some raise and care for families, some are single, and some have been long-time members of the group while others are fairly new. We delight in learning from each other as God has made each of us in His own image yet with different experiences and ideas, all seeking to know our Lord more fully as He has called us together for His church in our differences which He has given us. We are grateful to Christ Chapel Bible Church for guidance and encouragement to grow in faith through a small group after worshipping together on Sundays. We enjoy fellowship, fun, celebrating birthdays and blessings in our lives, and sharing needs and desires and responding to them, all kept confidential within our group. Those who are willing join together for a service project. Discussion of the sermon note questions includes opportunity for to sharing ideas and wisdom from Scripture. We pray together in different formats—as a group, in pairs, each one adding thoughts according to personal desires. Fellowship after discussion and prayer includes healthy food and sweet treats! Sometimes we gather informally to simply enjoy each other’s presence. Wednesday at 6:15 PM 9 66 Online Multi-Generational
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FW Carver Our home group is currently a mix of senior Bible-studying couples seeking new members, including singles and couples. Empty nesters would be a natural fit, but all are welcome. This home group in its present form has been meeting for about four years, but individuals have been in CCBC home groups much longer. We follow the discussion questions on the back of Sunday’s sermon notes, particularly those about how we can apply the sermon message to our daily lives. We finish by making prayer requests, which are sent by email to the members to continue in prayer during the week. An all-encompassing prayer is offered and the meeting dissolves into fellowship after 9 p.m. Coffee and nibbles are served at the start, and the host couple sometimes organizes a potluck dinner, though food is not a major emphasis of our meeting. We are a supporting group of friends who lift each other up in prayer and stand by each other through difficulties. We welcome new members to our fellowship. Our usual meeting place, the Carvers’ home, is south of Benbrook, so it might be convenient to members of the South and West campuses. Wednesday at 7:00 PM 14 76 Fort Worth Campus 60+
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FW Hommel Our Home Group is a mix of single, married, widowed, and divorced believers who are in their 50’s and up. We’ve been together 2-5 years. We meet at various homes off Hulen & Southwest FW area on Mondays at 6:30p.m. We endeavor to grow in the image of our Lord Jesus Christ through community. We value transparency, the willingness to encourage and support one another, and the commitment to pray for each other. We encourage questions and discussion as we study the Word of God. Monday at 6:30 PM 15 73 Fort Worth Campus Multi-Generational
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FW LaQuey Home educators welcome here! Our core group are homeschooling parents, and we often discuss how to apply Biblical truths to discipling and training our children of all ages. We are participating in the home group “sprint” this semester. We are returning to our previous meeting location just off campus at a home one block away on Sunday mornings at 9:15. Come join us! Sunday at 9:15 AM 12 40 Fort Worth Campus 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60+, Multi-Generational
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FW Milam If you are looking for a Home Group that meets on Wednesday mornings, look no further. You can become a Charter Member of a new group led by a couple in their early 70’s who are trusting the Lord to form the group. We envision this group to be comprised of couples or possibly singles who are looking to belong to the body of Christ in terms of loving one another, growing closer to the Lord & serving Christ together. We envision a time of fellowship, getting to know one another on a personal level, discussion of the previous sermon, and spending time in prayer together. We hope to foster deep relationships inside and outside the regular meetings with group service projects and planned outings together. You are invited to visit us and see if this is the Home Group for you. Wednesday at 5:30 PM 6 60 Fort Worth Campus Multi-Generational
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FW Powell Life stage 6 couples home group Wednesday at 6:30 PM 13 71 Fort Worth Campus 60+
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FW Scarborough We are an intergenerational home group in Arlington that formed in Fall 2021 and will meet every other week on Wednesdays. We are open to any age group and marital status; we have couples in their 30's with young children all the way to retired individuals. We desire to be a group that allows everyone to share their prayer needs and life issues. Our time together will involve a directed discussion rather than a lecture format. Everyone will be encouraged to speak their minds regarding the lessons and no questions are out of bounds. And of course, food will be provided in some form or fashion. Wednesday at 6:30 PM 16 52 Fort Worth Campus 30's, 40's, 50's, 60+, Multi-Generational
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Online- Reynolds - Women Only We are a come as you are group. We come together to focus on developing our personal relationship with Christ, building our dependence and trust in him. We are a supportive environment to grow and learn together. As sisters in Christ we are called to have a relationship with Christ. That is often a challenge to do in the world today. We will support one another as we grow our relationship with Christ and hopefully find a few friends on this side of heaven too! Often as women we lose our self; at different stages in life we may single, divorced, widowed, we may be a grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, cousin or friend. We may be a student, employee, volunteer, coworker, or boss. We may be a professional or a stay at home mom, or anywhere in between and most likely a combination of “all of the above”. All are equally valued and loved by Christ. The one thing in our life that will always be consistent in our life is Christ’s unconditional love for us, and his righteousness. If you don’t know him we will introduce you! What to expect: We will meet on the first, third, and fifth Sundays of the month and during the times that the fifth and first are back to back we will meet back to back. We will go over the sermon in a guided discussion and share experiences we encounter throughout the week. We will open and close in prayer, and share prayer requests and praises. As the group grows we will adapt to the personality of the group, this is our group. I just have the honor of facilitating. We live life together as sisters in Christ with the goal of growing our relationship with Christ. Please come check us out, we would be happy to have you. Sunday at 8:00 PM 2 48 Online Multi-Generational
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SC C. Smith Our home group is open to women of all ages attending group without a spouse whether they are widowed, divorced, single or married. Our group is full of women who love the Lord and His Word, love life, and love each other and are willing to do what needs to be done to help the other through whatever situation life has thrown at them. Some of us work and some of us do not. We are all young at heart and love to laugh. Our group is full of prayer warriors. Homegroup is directly after the 9:15 service on Sunday morning. We rotate the homes in which we meet: 591 Cardinal Ridge Road or 2100 Rustling Elm. Both homes are close to the Christ Chapel South Campus. We begin with coffee and most times have some type of small breakfast treats. We sit around and talk about our previous week and the goings on. We laugh and enjoy each other and when needed, come around whomever needs the loving that week. We then move to the open concept family room at 11:00 and sit around the dining table and discuss the home group topics on the back of the sermon notes, applying our life experiences and situations to the discussion. We try to finish up with the discussion topics, prayer requests and closing prayer by 12:00. We have group texts during the week sending our prayer requests to the group and then people will add updates or extra requests as the week goes along. We are always happy to meet new people and would love for you to try out our home group. Please call me if you would like to visit our group: 817-271-4816. All women are welcome, no matter your age. Sunday at 11:00 AM 12 65 South Campus Multi-Generational
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SC Center We are a group of parents of adult children. We will be focused on seeking Jesus, grace, and loving one another, and loving others well. Sunday at 6:30 PM 8 62 South Campus 50's
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SC Farmer We are a group made up of folks roughly in their 40’s. The goal of our group is to gather to understand God’s word and to encourage one another. Most of the pressing topics in our lives at this stage revolve around parenting, marriage, and careers. We believe sharing our stories with each other, praying together, and understanding the Scriptures will greatly impact our lives. Kids are welcome to join us, or, if you’d prefer to make other arrangements, that’s great, too. Please consider joining us! We meet the second and fourth Monday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Oak Valley neighborhood (Hidden Creek and 35). Monday at 6:30 PM 16 52 South Campus 40's
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SC Henneberry Our group is for men. We are blue-collar, single/divorced, aged late 20s to 50s, but not necessarily limited to that. Any guy is welcome! We’ve been meeting together since early 2023. The group’s personality is developing around our desire to know the LORD better and live out the lessons learned on Sunday throughout the week in response to the Holy Spirit’s call. We might occasionally meet for brunch before or lunch after our meeting, but we start with prayer then dive into the Home Group Study Guide on the back of the sermon notes. Sunday at 12:00 PM 4 50 South Campus 30's, 40's, 50's, 60+, Multi-Generational
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SC Johnson Our group is a mix of young adult women ages 18-30 who are navigating young adult life in a variety of ways, but most importantly growing in our walk with Christ! Our group is a mix of introverts and extroverts who have grown to really enjoy living life together inside and outside of our Home Group. We will meet on the first and third Mondays. During our meetings, we start our evenings with our “highs and lows” from the week and then jump into conversation about this week’s sermon and how we can apply what we’ve learned to daily life. We finish the evening by praying for each other. Outside of our group meeting times, we’ll see each other young adult events and on Sunday mornings. Our Home Group is a place where you “come as you are” and a space for vulnerability, honesty, and women pointing each other to Christ. Monday at 6:30 PM 9 23 South Campus 20's
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SC Jones Our home group consists of a small gathering of young adult men mostly in their early to mid-twenties that are learning how to grow into the godly leaders we are called to be. This young men’s group has been meeting for just over a year and we average 10-12 attendees per week. We meet at 7pm every Tuesday evening at The Depot Building for an hour and a half reading and discussing Scripture in its written context and how we can apply God’s Word to our daily life. Personality wise, we are a mixed bag of guys with both introverts and extroverts all coming from different backgrounds and interests. A special aspect of our group is that there is always someone to call and a friend to reach out to. Always looking for more young adult men to join the group. Tuesday at 7:00 PM 12 22 South Campus 20's
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SC Lyle Our home group is a place where we can be open and authentic. Pushing each other to be more like Christ in every aspect of life. We enjoy sharing meals and fellowshipping together regularly. We rotate the homes that we meet at, depending on availability. Our group consists of young adults in their 20's and 30's with young children. We alternate between meeting as a whole group and then just the women or men every other week. A normal month would look something like this, whole group, girls, whole group, guys. Our hope is that childcare would only be needed the weeks of whole group. We live in Alvarado about 11 miles south of the church. We would love to have you in our group! Tuesday at 6:30 PM 6 32 South Campus 20's, 30's
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SC Pike Our group consists of young married couples in their 30’s with smaller children. We all live busy lives, running around chasing kids to school and sporting events. We understand the importance of a close fellowship with parents in the same life stage and make every attempt to get together every other week. We have been together for awhile and have really enjoyed our time in the bible and fellowship with each other. Our group consists of many types of personalities and we appreciate each one. We believe it allows us to understand the topic at hand from a different points of view and look forward to what others have to say, or what they took from the study. Currently, we are studying the sermon notes on the back page and are open to new studies as the group deems fit. We typically meet at one of the members home every other week on Wednesdays. Our group meets from 6-7:30 p.m. Because we are a group with small children, we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to get home for their family dinner and bed time routines. We do not have child care so you will have to find your own each meeting time. One thing that is unique to our group is that we understand the life stage we are all in. We might not all be able to meet together every other week (although we try), but thats ok. The group is a priority, but you can’t always plan for every situation that gets thrown at you when little ones are involved. We strive to be more Christ-like in our marriages and parenting. Thursday at 6:00 PM 8 36 South Campus 30's
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SC Poirier Our group is a mix of couples and singles in their 50's, 60's, and 70's who are empty nesters and retirees. Anyone who is busy working, learning to deal with ever–changing time of retirement and being an empty nester, finding time for family and themselves, and most importantly growing in our walk with Christ are welcome! We are a new group looking forward to new friends with like interests and desires to be with others in the group. Personality wise, we expect to have a mix of introverts and extroverts – my wife and I fit both those categories – who will grow to really enjoy sharing life inside and outside of our home group. We plan on meeting each week on Monday nights in our home in Burleson. Each meeting will consist of fellowship, conversations of life applications from the sermons, and then a time of prayer. Outside the home group meetings, our hope is that we could all build lasting relationships and meet outside the group for extracurricular activities–walks in the park or zoo, movies, dinner together, bicycle rides, perhaps just a man or just a women's meeting for coffee or breakfast, etc. We look forward to meeting new people who are willing to pray for and support others in the group. Our home group is a safe place where imperfect people can learn to share their life together and encourage each other in the never–boring journey of life and to learn to be more like Christ! Monday at 6:30 PM 10 70 South Campus 50's, 60+
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SC Pruscha This is a brand-new group! We hope to build a group of single and divorced women and moms in their 30’s and 40’s to come together every other Sunday evening. We will share a time of fellowship, fun, discussion, and prayer. As we get to know each other, we will be able to encourage and pray for one another as we grow in faith. We want to be real and transparent- to be able to laugh and cry together. We will take turns hosting our gatherings in our homes. As the group develops, we will define our plan. Each evening, we will begin with a short time of fellowship to catch up with what is going on in our lives. Then, we will dive in to discussing the week’s sermon and talk about how we can apply it to ourselves. Finally, we will take prayer requests end in prayer. All personality types are welcome. We want to do life together, both at church and in the world. Sunday at 5:00 PM 11 43 South Campus 30's, 40's
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SC Shepler Our group is new and is open to couples in their 40s, 50s, 60s and early 70s and meets each week on Thursday evenings at 6:30. We begin with food and conversation, then a group discussion of the previous Sunday's message. We conclude with a time of focused prayer and are done by 8:30. We would like to schedule some meetings for just food and conversation, and plan some fun outside events, and service ministries as the Lord leads. We think you will find our group warm, welcoming, and encouraging to your growth in Christ. Thursday at 6:30 PM 7 65 South Campus 40's, 50's, 60+
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Singles Home Study We are an Adult Singles Group at the West Campus. The personality of our group is fun, caring and eager to learn. We meet for Bible Study every Sunday night at 5pm to review the devotional study from the sermon notes. Our discussion is lively as we have a mixture of new Christians and mature Christians. Our group is where we all get together to study God’s word, pray for one another, laugh and cry together. Feel free to bring your favorite drink and snack. Sunday at 5:00 PM 6 62 West Campus Multi-Generational
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West Campus Young Adults Group We are a group of young adults all in our college or post college years (18-30). We meet weekly on Tuesdays in the Hive at CCBC's West Campus. We gather with the purpose of knowing God and making Him known to others. We'd love to have you join us! Tuesday at 7:00 PM 20 23 West Campus Singles Meeting throughout the summer Show Get Info

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